Friday, October 2, 2015

Return of the plushies!

Holiday items have slowly started trickling back into the etsy shop this past week, because let's face it... It's almost that time of year again!

These lovely fabric flower hair pretties have been re-stocked and are ready to complete any holiday look! Great for any age and very versatile. Can be used as a hair accessory, clipped to your favorite headband or clip to your blouse for an instant holiday pick-me-up. 
We also have brooches available, great for pinning to hats or coats. 

Fabric Flower Hair Accessories by KYEbags

I am also excited to announce that vintage plush ornaments will be available for purchase again this holiday season! 
Handmade by me out of 1970's prints, these adorable stuffed plush ornaments make great Christmas gifts, or a happy addition to your Christmas tree!
Full sets will be available for purchase in the etsy shop by mid-October.

Happy weekend!

xo, Kye

Monday, September 28, 2015

Flannel Bandana Bibs Available for Preorder!

Available for preorder this week only!
Please email me at to place your order. 
Baby bandana bibs are $12+shipping for a limited time!
A PayPal invoice will be sent to you at time of order, and bibs will be shipped no later than Monday, October 5th.

xo, Kye

Saturday, September 12, 2015

New key fobs in shop!

New key fobs listed to the shop this week!
A couple re-stocks and several new prints.

Shop HERE.

A recent review from a happy custom!
xo, Kye

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun Facts Friday....

I was so busy last week, that I skipped over Fun Facts Friday... Oops.
To make up for it, I'll give you 15 fun facts, instead of 10 ;)

Here goes...

1. I am 5'3" and often wear heels to feel like a 'real' human being. 

2. I have 3 younger sisters, and no brothers. 

3. I am a Grammar Nazi and I am NOT sorry about it. Bad spelling/grammar make me cringe.

4. This week I was told that I looked like Uma Thurman.... Although I laughed a lot inside, I was truly flattered. 

5. Most people think I am 'reserved', but once you get to know me, you'll find that it's actually quite the opposite. 

6. I love to talk.

7. Playing guitar is high up there on my 'wish I could do' list... right up there with knitting and crochet. 

8. My hair has been likened to a lion's mane... that would be accurate.

9. When I was a kid, one of my chores was to take care of the chickens. I kind of hated it.

10. I love to be outdoors. 

11. Instagram is my favorite social media outlet. Nothing tells you more about a person's life than pictures. (You should follow me.)

12. I love hosting people to my house, especially when it involves feeding them.

13. I come from a huge family and have over 80 cousins. 

14. I love to shop, especially for clothing and household items. Groceries, not so much.

15. I want to jump on the periscope bandwagon, but wouldn't know what to say if I were actually brave enough to make a video for you all. 

Welp, there you have it... until next week!

xo, Kye

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Free shipping through Labor Day!

FREE SHIPPING on all domestic orders now through Labor Day when you use coupon code 'LABORDAY15' at checkout!

Shop HERE.

xo, Kye

Friday, August 28, 2015

Fun Facts Friday...

Last Friday, I kicked of 'Fun Facts Friday' with a #fridayintroductions post, in effort that my readers could get to know me a little better. 
Today I'll be continuing the series, with a few fun facts about me!

Here goes...

1. Over the years, my hair has been every color of the rainbow except green. 

2. When I was 14, I traveled to Kenya, Africa for a month on missions through Teen Mania International. It was an amazing experience I will never forget.

3. Some of my favorite meals consist of seafood, sushi or beef.

4. One of my biggest dreams is to own a vintage Air Stream and travel all over the U.S. with my family.

5. Autumn is my favorite season... although I may be partial since I was born in October.

6. I lived in Seaside, California from 2004-2006. Monterey Bay, Big Sur and surrounding areas are IMO some of the most beautiful places on earth. The coastal life really stole my heart and I hope to make it back someday.

7. Yellow is my color of choice right now. I am really having fun using it as accents around my new home!

8. My family and I just moved to the country and are loving it. We are even getting a chicken coop today! It's fun to see my kids have a place to roam and adventure. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of playing on my parents farm.

9. I consider myself a pretty skilled seamstress, and overall am a very crafty person. However, despite several attempts to learn, I am completely inept when it comes to knitting and crochet. I am quite envious of those who obtain the skill. 

10. One of the most exciting things I've had happen to me since being in business is having KYEbags featured in Tiger Beat Magazine in 2011. I'm still amazed 4 years later!

Until next week!

xo, Kye