Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday updates.

This week I took a much needed break from the sewing machine to rest and focus on catching up with the business end of things, as well as some much needed housework. 
It was good, and now I am feeling ready to tackle next week with some new creative juices flowing! 

Here are a few updates:

1. Just a reminder that KYEbags is being featured at Go2Girls through the month of March, for the 'Queen for a Month' program! You can read more about that HERE
Due to currently having my inventory set up at Go2Girls, I am only opening the Etsy Shop Wednesday-Saturday each week. All KYEbags order placed online will ship the following Friday/Saturday after purchase. Thank you for understanding!

2. I just knocked down the price of KYE shorts significantly! So go snag yourself a pair for Spring break vacation, or just as a motivation perk to get yourself in shape before warm weather hits... (Spring IS coming, right?) I will have new shorts available in April. 

3. I spent all morning updating the KYEbags event calender. It's starting to fill up quickly with Spring/Summer events! Take a peak and plan to join us in supporting local business this year! 

4. Please note that my custom order que will be coming to a close at the end of March, as I head into the Art Show season and need more time to focus on building my inventory. 

I think that about covers it! 
As always, thank you for supporting KYEbags and have a wonderful weekend. 

Don't forget to think Spring!

xoxo, Kye

Monday, February 23, 2015

Queen for a Month!

Today I have a fun announcement to make!

I have been chosen to be the 'Queen for a Month'! 

(Okay, okay... In my house, I'm THE QUEEN all the time... So let me explain...)

Rhonda, owner of Go2Girls Home Decor Shop here in Garrettsville, is launching an awesome new program called 'Queen for a Month'. 
Each month, she will honor one local female artist who lives and creates in Portage County by featuring their work in her shop. 
She will showcase the artist's work during store hours for the full month, for locals and visitors to admire and purchase. 
I am both excited and honored to be the very first Queen!

Go2Girls specializes in funky, fun and unique home furnishings. 
They offer a variety of eclectic and functional one-of-a-kind items that will not break the bank! 
Recycle, Re-purpose and Restore is what they are about. (My kind of store!) 
This is your go-to shop for trendy and stylish home decor items and furnishings that reflect your unique style and personality. 

Store hours are Thursday-Saturday from 10am-5pm
Go2Girls is located at 8052 State Street Garrettsville, Ohio 44231
For additional info or directions, please visit the Go2Girls facebook page HERE.

I have been working hard to prepare for this upcoming event! 
If you're local, please come out to see my products in person from March 5-28th. 
I know you will find something you love for both your wardrobe and home! 
Let's bring Spring in with a bang, and support local!

xo, Kye

Friday, February 20, 2015

New this week and a special announcement!

This week was a busy one here in the KYEbags studio. 
It was chock full of custom orders and lots of baby bib production. 
It seems there are a lot of baby showers going on within the next month! 
Here are a few pics of new items listed to the shop in the last few days! 
Simply click on the pics to view availability in the etsy shop.  

This has by far been one of the busiest February's I have ever had since starting KYEbags. 
I feel so blessed to have customers and friends supporting my business in the dead of winter... when utility bills are through the roof and after Christmas credit debt catches up with most.   
So if you've made a recent purchase from KYEbags, thank you! 
I am working hard to bring you some amazing new products this Spring that I hope you'll love as much as I do. 
Our Spring/Summer Event Calender is filling up quickly as well! 
So be sure to pop over and plan on attending one of the many local art shows and markets the warmer seasons have to offer. 
Summer shows are my favorite, and I love meeting you all and seeing your lovely faces!

I have a little announcement to make.... That I cannot keep to myself any longer! 
All throughout the year, I receive messages and emails asking for more nautical lines, like I've made in the past. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that nautical prints are high up on my LOVE list. So although I always have a variety of nautical prints and products listed in my etsy shop, I haven't come out with an official nautical line in quite a few years. (Due to having babies, lack of time, etc.) BUT, this is the year the KYE nautical line makes a come-back! I have already started designing and putting together pieces, and have most of March scheduled out to continue working on pieces, with hopes that the full line will be released in late April-early May.

Stay tuned early next week for another exciting announcement about an event coming in the month of March!

Happy weekend, friends!

xo, Kye

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heart bibs!

This week I have been working on all kinds of exciting new things for the shop.  
These adorable heart bibs were among the week's creations. 

I had high hopes of getting them made and listed for sale well before Valentine's Day, but let's face it... I'm a mom and most of my goals don't go as planned. 
Hey, at least I had some made before Heart Day... That's something I guess. 
Anyhow, I've decided to take pre-orders on these through Saturday (2/14). 
If you'd like one, or five, shoot me an email at including the following info: 

1. Your name and shipping address. 
2. Your bib selections (which are numbered in the photo below), and quantities. 
3. Your paypal address, so that I can invoice you. 

Heart Bibs are $14 a piece or 2 for $26. 
Shipping cost is $2.95 for USPS first class mail (2-5 day), or $4.95 for USPS priority mail (1-3 day). Please specify in your email if you'd like to upgrade to Priority Mail, otherwise your order will go out via first class. All invoices will be sent Sunday and must be paid by end of day Monday (2/16). Bibs will ship by Friday of next week. 

Tomorrow is the last day to enter to win the Hummingbird Bow Tote Giveaway!
Get those entries in and tell all your friends!

xo, Kye

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hummingbird Bow Tote Giveaway!

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, then you know I've been working hard to get some new spring pieces ready and listed to the shop. 
Yesterday, as I was finishing up a couple Bow Totes, I noticed a small black mark on the interior of the bag pictured above. Yeah, total bummer. 
I may have freaked a little and blamed it on my iron. 
Anyhoo, I'm still not sure exactly what happened, or how, but I knew as soon as I saw it that it was NOT coming out. Boo. So, my mystery mistake is your gain. I have decided to offer it up as a giveaway, since I am not comfortable selling anything less than perfection ;) 

Enter via the Rafflecopter link below.

Good luck! 
Giveaway ends Saturday, 2/14 at 10am, and winner will be announced Monday, 2/16!

xo, Kye

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Getting real.


Just taking a quick minute while my sick (again) kiddos nap, to check in. 

Let's get real for a minute... this year thus far has been less than stellar. Seriously, it's been bad. We're going on almost 3... yes THREE... straight months of sickness in our home. It's made for little to no work on KYEbags, a disastrous post-Christmas stuffed-to-the-brim apartment that's making me INSANE, and a run down, pretty depressed me. 

At the beginning of the year, we had what seemed like a promising house situation open up to us. I was pumped. I loved that house. It's a gorgeous old Victorian that's been in my family for many years, that I've always admired it. I thought after almost 5 years, two kids and lots of prayer, that we were finally getting out of this one bedroom 700 square foot apartment. But after assessing the home, and realizing it's in need of several immediate repairs, in which we could not get the proper loan for, we made the decision to stick where we're at a little longer and continue to save. Yeah. Super bummer. 

Right now, things look bleak. Much like the what seems like unending winter weather we're having. Clouds for days, with little hope of sun... literally and figuratively. I'm in the thick of winter blues, slowly slipping into a state of crazy insanity I never thought existed. 

But despite my present feelings, despite sickness, despite my lack of time to work, despite a lack of hopeful housing prospects, despite the current financial dilemmas.... and the list goes on (you fill in the blank)... I know without a shadow of a doubt that there IS hope. Hope in Jesus, who calls me a friend.  Hope in eternity, which is far greater than anything we're facing here on this earth. Hope in the grace and mercy shown to us through His death on the cross and His unfailing love. Hope in something so much bigger than ourselves and our own strength. 

I am happy to know the Lord. Not just to know of Him, but truly have the opportunity to KNOW Him and have a relationship with Him. To me, that is the most amazing thing- that the creator of the universe has the humility to want to call me His friend. Even when I am ugly and in my weakest state.... He still calls me lovely. I think that is pretty profound. 

So although the winter is long and the present outlook seems.... dark... I am choosing to cling to hope today. Because it's mine, freely. I am clinging to the grace and mercy I have in all circumstances. I am clinging to His goodness, no matter how bleak things may seem. He is still God, and He still calls me His friend, His child even. 

Spring will come. It seems I forget it every winter, but it always comes.... each year surprising me all over again with the freshness that it brings. Buds, green trees, blossoming flowers... it all seems like a distant memory right now, but if I dig down deep, I remember it's earthy scent. The pleasant feeling of the warm, rainy air hitting my face as I walk out the door, drinking in every deep fresh breath in and slowly exhaling it out again. We'll see the sun again, regularly even, and feel it's warmth on our skin. 

For now, I wait and hope in the promise of change. 
Because it's inevitable. 
And in time, it will come. 

xo, Kye

P.s. There are only a couple days left of the 25% off sale happening now in the etsy shop
Head on over and snag yourself a little something to spice up that spring wardrobe, and help me reach that house goal ;)

Friday, January 9, 2015

Mailing list and 25% off sale!

Happy Friday! 
Just a few updates. If you haven't heard, I now have a mailing list, which you can sign up for, to receive first word on news and event updates, as well as exclusive sales and offers. 
After almost 10 years in business, I am pretty stoked to finally have official email newsletters going out!
To sign up, simply fill out the sign-up form on my blog (top right, directly under my face... haha), or click on the sign-up tab at the top of my facebook page
It's that simple :)

Also, the 25% off sale going on in the etsy shop continues!
Many great items are marked down, including bags, tablet/computer sleeves, clutches and more!

2015 looks like it could shape up to be an interesting year! I look forward to hopefully making some big announcements soon :)

Stay warm this weekend!

xo, Kye